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Generic Lovegra works by raising genital blood circulation as well as genital compliance leading to escalated enjoyment during sexual task. The common as well as regular dose of active compound Tablets is 100mg. Females need to avoid overdosing. It needs to be taken 30 mintues before intercourse and also not greater than when in 24 Hr. Lovegra Tablet computers do not have any significant adverse effects but occasionally due to overdosges and other factors one can experience light frustration, facial flushing, sensitivity to light, nausea, tummy troubles and also stale nose. If you experience major adverse effects like temporary loss of vision or damaged hearing, stop taking lovegra tablets as well as consult your medical professional immediately.

Purchasing Lovegra

You could easily purchase Lovegra on the internet using our on-line medical solution. However you should take your health with a great care. Attempt to consult with your doctor prior to making a decision to buy it. Even if you believe the info above suffices for you to choose, medical consultation is a should to avoid serious negative effects.


Product Information

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Generic Lovegra works by increasing genital blood flow and vaginal compliance resulting in intensified pleasure during sexual activity.

How to take

The standard and normal dosage of Lovegra Tablets is 100mg. Women should avoid overdosing. It should be taken 30 mintues before sexual intercourse and not more than once in 24 hours.

Side effects

Lovegra Tablets do not have any major side effects but sometimes due to overdosges and some other reasons one can experience mild headache, facial flushing, sensitivity to light, nausea, stomach problems and stuffy nose. If you experience major side effects like temporary loss of vision or impaired hearing, stop taking lovegra pills and consult your doctor immediately.


  • Do not use alcohol when you take this medication, it will reduce the effectiveness of this drug
  • Do not take this with other drugs of sexual dysfunction
  • Only take lovegra when sexual activity is planned
  • Do not take large and fatty meals to allow this medication to work effectively
  • This medication is only for women who want to enhance sexual pleasure
  • The maximum recommended dose of Lovegra is usually 100mg
  • Avoid taking more than one pill within 24 hours to avoid side effects
  • Pregnant and breast feeding women should not take this medication
  • Do not take lovegra with nitrates, it may cause some complications
  • Do not take this if you are suffering from severe heart, kidney or liver disease
  • People who has low or high blood pressure, do not take this product
  • Avoid this medication if you have sickle cell disease, bone cancer or anemia
  • This product is not meant for persons under 18 years of age
  • Do not mix with drugs used for the treatment of HIV or fungal infections

Drug interactions

Concomitant usage of other pills with Generic Lovegra medications should be avoided, especially the one containing nitrates in it. The nitrate containing medications are basically used for the treatment of chest pain ad heart related disease. Thus, it can lead to serious effects over erections in men and can also prove fatal for its life. So it is highly advisable that other medication along with Generic Lovegra should be avoided strictly.

Missed dose

See your doctor or pharmacist. One should not take more than one tablet within 24 hours.


Lovegra pills should be stored in cool and dry place and keep this medication out of reach to chiledren.


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